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Jeremy Henderson

Jeremy Henderson was one of the biggest names in the British skate scene in the seventies. He deserved to be: he skated rad. At one point his name was associated with freestyle (kick-flips off tables), but he was a raging all round skater very much at home on the streets and in the parks of the time.
Every now and again he’d disappear back home to America and return with a whole bunch of new stuff, acting as both messenger and catalyst in a pre-video age. He was a huge influence on the scene at that time, and a prime mover in the whole L.S.D thing. Then he moved back to America and dropped out of the British scene. But not out of skating. Far from it. He was skating on the East Coast, however, so you didn’t see much of him in Californian magazines. That’s all changing now. The East is attracting much more attention and Henderson’s getting the recognition he deserves. He’s also heavily involved with Shut Skates, one of the new breed of skate companies springing up across the world.

One of the photos on another page is credited to J. Grant Brittain, and one to me. The rest are un-credited, which seems slightly odd.

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