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Skateboard Classified AdvertsOther Stuff is the most interesting category here:

We sat in our rather nice Ceramik Rabbit Tees sipping, like, on the old Meloko Velocet, which sharpened you up for a bit of the old ‘ultra violence’. Ceramic Rabbit — a lust for life.

And this in the days when Clockwork Orange was not available for viewing in Britain. (Skateboad trivia note: the location for the tramp being beaten up in an underpass is the Wandsworth Bridge roundabout banks. In one of the issues of R.a.D there is a tribute picture of Don Brider doing a wallride over the very spot.)

Or how about:

Serious Hip-hop heads need the debut demo from LTK Posse: “Genius of the Vocab”. It’s the best use for a £1 coin.

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