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Skateboard Classified Adverts Novemebr 1989I don’t seem to be able to find the file containing the text from this lot. Now there’s a relief!
Of course I reserve the right to retro-fit it here one day for the sake of completists.
I’ve just glanced at the form for submitting entries and noticed that we insisted that you had to tell us your age and which parts of the magazine you liked most and least. Even back then I was very keen to analyse the audience response at every opportunity. We didn’t compile formal statistics, but it was a very useful bit of feedback to go alongside our annual reader survey. The contents of the classified adverts themselves also provided insight into what was going on at street level, much in the same way as blogs and on-line forums do now. But we had to do all the typing ourselves, or, rather, I did: nobody else would touch it.

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