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Article about Crouch End Ramp 1989This article about the ramp in Crouch End speaks of it being under threat of demolition back in 1989. I walked past it a few months ago at the end of 2005 and it was still there and as damp as ever in the winter. “Jay Podesta” is credited as the writer as well as photographer. This was a bumper issue for him.


by Jay Podesta

There hasn’t been a competition at Crouch End since the ramp was built. But the competition at the end of September wasn’t a late celebration of its opening _ it was prompted by fear for its future. The ground the ramp sits on is threatened land. Threatened by the Department of Transport who would see fit to put a six lane elevated motorway through the railway cutting the ramp sits in.

Bleasdale adopts the green stance with a nose-pick

Ray Kurtis made a competetive debut with styley eco-Smiths

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