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Freestyle in Stree Terrain -- skateboarding in transition

There’s too many laws in freestyle. The idea comes across that if you’re a freestyler you have to skate on your own. You don’t use banks. Some people think you shouldn’t do Ollie tricks. All these rules come across.

Sam Lewis materialised from Southend, did Varial Inverts and lots of other things, made it all look easy and surprised the lot of them

Does Darren Walker fall off skateboards? Infrequently. Moving 360 Finger-flip


“There should be an introduction about F.I.S.T: what it’s about, what its aims are. Then it should be something along the lines of ‘when I got there, this, this and this happened, there were this many people, I was amazed there were that many people’ — cause I was amazed there were that many people. I thought it would be a total flop — me and Dave standing there with Bobby and that was it — or there were going to be loads of people. And as it turned out there were lots of people, so we can keep going.”

The F.I.S.T day at South Bank was the creation of Chris Howell and David Tring. Freestylers turned up from all over the country. Nobody had imagined so many would appear. The wizards stared in amazement. That will do for now.

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