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Rasmus Skousen, Mark Fowlie, Madrid 1989These were the early days of street competitions and the course left much to be desired…

Strange But True Fact 1

The competition was held in the skatepark of Madrid, but no part of the park was used: the concrete was shined and ramps built instead.

Yes, the big pool was a bit too big and gnarly, with a couple of rough spots and no coping, just a shin-bashing sharp edge. The half pipe and tight bowl were ignored as they were too odd to get used to quickly and the amount of people in the reservoir turned it into a big mini ramp, with each person getting a 3 foot wide section to skate in.

S.B.T. Fact 2

Tim Payne, master ramp builder, was flown all the way from the USA 5 days before the contest, but the last of the wood only arrived the day before the start. There goes official practice day. I’ve never been to a ramp contest before where I had to help build the ramp: it was like going to a party and finding not only did I have to bring a bottle but also move the furniture and set up the sound system.

S.B.T. Fact 3

This was a largish Euro comp in 1989, ‘Year of the Dosh’ — however there there was no prize money, no Americans (not even Ryan Monihan) and almost no hassle.

Another Euro family fun comp, but this time ‘locals only’ with pros and amateurs in the same groups and the organisers going out of their way to look amateurish just to help people relax.

S.B.T. Fact 4

As ramp practice was a day late, freestyle postponed because the sound system packed in, and the street-style course not yet finished, the Slalom Final was run a day early.

Oh dear, I was planning to give the full juicy details of the most scandalous and bloody slalom final ever, but I missed it because I thought it was going to happen on the final day, Sunday. Oh well, never mind, maybe next year…

The street course was one bodged together ‘box thing and nothing else. No doubt Mr Skousen had a few words to say on the subject

Mark Fowlie ripped into first place. And now he’s started riding ramps…

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