You are here: Home » Issue 96 May 1991 » Homage to Hockney Skate Mag Advert

Hockney Homage Rad Skateboard Magazine AdvertSubscription adverts were always a weak spot in the magazine. They were more the publisher’s thing than ours. But we had to come up with some comment. This was my favourite one because it combined two things: the feel of a suburban room full of magazines, stickers and posters and another attempt to explore space and perception with a camera (just waves in space). The idea was based on David Hockney’s ‘joiners’ – which had and have huge resonance for me. The room was Simon Evan’s home in Morden. From left to right are Marc Bultitude, Simon himself and Matt Stuart. And now these days Matt Stuart’s pictures also have huge resonance for me. And so do Simon’s (Check these earlier Simon Evans pictures too).

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