You are here: Home » Issue 67 September 1988 » Vallely on Vert, Mountain in ‘Birmingham’ and Guerrero Where?

Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrro, Mike Vallely: Latimer Road, London 1988The curse of captioning strikes again. That doesn’t look like Birmingham to me. But maybe my eyesight is failing!
This page marks the end of the monster coverage of the Powell Tour of 1988. Looking back on it, I think we went over the top: there’s 11 pages of it. That was huge amount in the days when the magazine was only 56 pages thick. But we were into this kind of thing. It was exciting. It was an event in the days before there were any stadium-type skate events in Britain.
It also involved getting out on the road and sharing in the atmosphere at a whole load of different places. That was very much more a R.a.D mag type of thing than any big centralised competition.

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