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BMX Mail Order, 1989 Style

Hot Wheels BMX Advert December 1989Al first glance this advert appears to be 100% BMX, but in fact there’s some token skate stuff there alongside the surfwear from Billabong plus Town and Country.

Adverts &Issue 82 December 1989 timlb 14 Jun 2006 No Comments

Skateboard Mail Order: Everything at Your Leisure: December 1989

Everything at Your Leisure Advert December 1989Small Room, Walker, Mike Smith’s Liberty and Shut — there were some interesting smaller brands advertised here alongside the usual suspects. Everything at Your Leisure also stayed true to their BMX roots.

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Pacer Complete Skateboards, December 1989

Pacer complete skateboards advert December 1989I’d forgotten that Neil Danns rode for Pacer at one point alongside Gary Lee. An interesting aspect of this advert is that it mentions British Standards BS5715 for skateboards. Pacer were already aiming for the mass-market which was about to appear, but at this juncture they were ahead of the time.

Adverts &Issue 82 December 1989 timlb 10 Jun 2006 1 Comment

Vision Streetwear Shoes Advert December 1989

Vision Streetwear Shoes Advert 1989
This advert ran many, many times and Vision shoes seemed everywhere for a while. But the true impact of skate shoes was yet to come.

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Cyrils Boardwalkers and Freestyle Ramps Adverts

Cyrils and Freestyle Ramps Adverts 1989I’ve nothing to say about these two adverts. There’s honesty for you.

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M Zone Spot Skate Shoe Mania Ten Years Too Soon

M Zone Skate Shoe Advert from 1989Ouch! This must be the weakest M Zone advert of all time. And yet… When I look at it now I marvel that M Zone chose to run a “shoe” advert at a time when most people would have concentrated on selling a wider range. It turns out that had spotted the way things were going once again. But, like many of us, they never actually reaped the benefits.

Adverts &Issue 82 December 1989 timlb 02 Jun 2006 2 Comments

Tim Simenon and Stacy Peralta team up for Attack

Attack: Tim Simenon and Stacy Peralta VideoMy recollection is that this was one of a small series of videos produced by Lol Creme under the name “Videola”. This was a skateboard one, but others were more music-based. Lol’s son, Lalo (?) was the skate connection, I think.
There was some very snotty comments floating around at the time about clippings from Peralta’s cutting room floor, but I had my usual “everything’s for the best, in this, the best of all possible worlds” glasses on, and I liked it. No taste, obviously.

Adverts &Issue 82 December 1989 timlb 01 Jun 2006 9 Comments

React Accordingly: Vision Skate Wheel Advert 1989

Vision Skateboard Wheels Advert December 1989From the days when wheels were between 57 and 65mm high. An age gone by.

Adverts &Issue 82 December 1989 timlb 30 May 2006 1 Comment

Sean Goff Airwalk shoes advert

Sean GoffAirwalk shoes advert 1989Airwalk ran the same advert several times, which means that there’s not much to be said about this time round. It’s good to see that they tried to produce something specific to the European market, but it’s a shame that it didn’t work better. Having said that, perhaps they recognised a fundamental truth with the emphasis on a skate celebrity surrounded by grinning kids.

Adverts &Issue 82 December 1989 timlb 24 May 2006 1 Comment

Early example of soft drink company using skateboarding

Tango Advert from 1989 R.a.d skateboard magazineLong before the days of Sprite’s involvement in skateboarding, Britvic had spotted the potential. The choice of imagery for this advert could not have been worse: all street cultures are hardly the same! Getting the fine detail of things like that has always been a problem for big agencies. It would have been a bold step for someone to decide to experiment with an advert in a magazine like R.a.D. so having to justify spending even more to produce a more relevant advert would have been almost impossible.

These days advertising agencies are much better at it than this and specific “skateboard” adverts could be included in the budget. There are even PR companies who pride themselves on dealing with this market. But even now many attempts stand out like a sore thumb to real skaters.

Adverts &Issue 82 December 1989 timlb 22 May 2006 No Comments

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