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Skate City and Skateboard Gang Adverts November 1989

Skate City and Skateboard Gang AdvertsI’m intrigued by the “Skateboard Gang” (shades of Thrashing in that title) video. I know nothing about it. It wasn’t from one of the mainstream companies, and it wasn’t something happening underground in the UK. Our lines of information came from those two sources, most of the time. Anything outside of that seemed alien to us.
I suspect we would have largely ignored this on the assumption that it was some “non-skate” company trying to jump on the skateboarding bandwaggon. We were very supsicious of anyone who hadn’t been around the main skateboard scene for years.
I wonder if things are much better now? The channels for communication are more varied now but I suspect it’s still just as difficult for new voices to be heard and new companies to find a market.
Skate City Bromley were in there as ever — an example from the opposite side: a shop which had been around for years, steadily supplying their local scene (mini-ramp on the derelict site next to the shop etc).

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Cyrils Boardwalkers and Voiceline Adverts

Voiceline and Cyrils Boardwalkers Sk8 Shop AdvertsGoing off at a tangent time: this advert for premium voice lines makes me think of a recent news story I heard about one of the biggest companies specialising in dialtones and the like. They’d just started expanding into China, I think. The thing which struck me is that the company in question is run by Martin Higginson. That’s the same Martin Higginson who used to publish Sk8 Action back in the day. If so he’s certainly gone on to bigger and better things. Good luck to him. I wonder where Cyril is now?

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Rollersnakes Skateboard Mailorder Advert (Part 2)

Rollersnakes Mail Order Advert November 1989Main points of interest? Loads of decks at around £42 and plenty of wheels for less than £30. The big range of protective clothing and the section devoted to plastics date it. So does the small number of shoes on offer!
Videos featured in this advert were Streets on Fire, Public Domain, Animal Chin, Bones I and II, Gotcha Grind and H Street’s Shackle Me Not. Good to see that many of these classics are enjoying a well deserved life as re-releases on DVD. A bit like this site…

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Rollersnakes Mail Order Skateboard Advert

Rollersnakes Skateboard Advert November 1989This was page one of a double page spread advert for Rollersnakes, who were clearly going for mail order in a big way. Complete skateboards started at £75 with RIP trucks and wheels, others were £90 or £105. Powell decks cost £5 extra. Those were different times.

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Airwalk Sean Goff Advert

Airwalk Sean Goff Advert November 1989Good to see an advert made specifically for the UK market, from the days before shoe adverts dominated skateboarding mags (and paid my wages for several years, to be fair). I also have fuzzy memories of the Airwalk’s hospitality at American trade shows. Does anyone know who took the picture?

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Hot Wheels BMX Advert

Hot Wheels BMX Advert November 1989Hot Wheels stuck to their guns. Like Alpine Action trying to sneak skateboard adverts into BMX Action Bike, they ran their BMX adverts in a magazine which was crammed full of skateboarding. I admire them for it.
What could you get for your money? Complete bikes like a Skyway Streetscene would cost £199 and the most expensive thing on the page was a Redline F/S 25 at £245. They were also offering Mongoose Stylist at £179 and Mongoose Decade for £159 — this would have been about the time that they took over distribution of the brand which defined BMX here in the early days. There’s a full list of components and accessories: the complete service — and they’re still going strong to this day.

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Skaterags, Essjays, Rampage, Backyard and Cromer Adverts

Skaterags, Essjays, Rampage, Backyard and Cromer AdvertsSome fine shops were advertising here and some prosper to this day. Double page spreads of adverts were rare back in 1989, even at the height of that boom, but these days they’re commonplace. Funny to think of Essjay calling himself “old” in 1989. What does that make him (us) now?

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M Zone Advert November 1989

M Zone Advert 19891989 saw M Zone at the peak of their notoriety after the move from Croydon to Carnaby Street. The Lowndes Court shop and full-time party zone was the scene of many a celebrity’s debunking. The skater in this advert was Jason Lunn and he can also be seen wearing the Anarchic Adjustment ‘Freedom’ shirt in one of the shots. I’m not sure who did layout, but Dave Currey was living in the basement at one point, I believe.

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Masthead Issue 81

Masthead Issue 81This page is interesting for the list of contributors (some classic names there), alongside a couple of classic adverts and a nice shot of Ged Wells, but it also marked a break from the usual format.
We were experimenting with various different editorial and advertising configurations during this period. The flat-plan for the running order of the magazine was a very big deal to us. In this case we experimented with running two pages of advertising and then splitting the contents page up so that part of it ran on the left hand side of a spread. This gave us (the editorial side) a more interesting space for the contents page and the advertising team got to sell some adverts for more money because they were on the same page as editorial content.
Eric Snook’s shop was a skateboarding institution for many years. I remember their “Why pay mountainous prices?” adverts from the seventies when I was working for Alpine Sports and they were having a dig at us. Mycycles were also around for ages, another fixture from an age when anywhere selling skateboards was, by definition, interesting.
Picture at the bottom of the page was Ged Wells by Jay/Vernon with trademark Ian Lawson “broken plastic spoon and Indian ink” border.
There were some very interesting people working on the magazine at this point, so here’s the full list:
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Gleaming the Cube Advert

Gleaming the Cube Advert The skater part of me was gloomed by this film. It seemed so silly. The film studies part of me was intrigued by the fact that it was directed by Graeme Clifford, who was the editor on Nic Roeg’s “The Man Who Fell to Earth” and “Don’t Look Now” — but it could not have been more different.

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