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Lucian Hendrickse Interview from R.a.D Issue 58

Lucian Hendrickse Lien at Latimer RoadAt last… And what a ramp to be reminded of as well.

Lucian Hendrickse has been skating most of his life. He started as a little kid and he never stopped. In that time he’s seen, done and said a lot.

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Faze 7 Advert Old School Skateboards: R.a.D Issue 58

Faze 7 Advert from 1987 Issue of R.a.D MagazineHosoi, Skull Skates, Alva, Brand X, Dogtown, Uncle Wiggley, Blockhead, Kryptonics and Santa Monica Airlines – that’s an emotive list of brands. There’s quite a variety of shapes on offer here. Some of them may be gimmicky, and all of them seem from another world now, but this is definitely one for the hardware fetishists looking for old school skateboards.
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R.a.D Issue 58 Skate’n’Surf and Youngs Adverts

Skateboard and BMX Adverts from 1987: Skate'n'Surf and Youngs CyclesHere’s another classic skateboard shop advert from the eighties. Skate’n’Surf in Southsea, take a bow. Powell T Shirts were £11.95 and there was a whole section for stickers. Meanwhile an equally venerable bike shop, Youngs Cycles, were holding the fort for BMX.

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Skateboard History Transmissions Skateboard Advert from R.a.D Magazine Issue 58 1987

Transmissions Skateboard Advert R.a.D 1987
Skull and Bones meets Hawaii. Mostly skulls and bones actually. Gaze on these and wonder.

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BMX History R.a.D Issue 58 Mike Canning

Mike Canning R.a.D Issue 58
Nick Philip interviewed Mike Canning for the BMX interview in this issue, conducted at a time when the balance between skating and BMX freestyle was at a very difficult stage. At this point BMX riding seemed to be more about quarter pipes than halfpipes. Twiglets… Ramps like Mon’s had always had both types of users, but at other places there was more tension, even if riders like Mike Canning would get respect from anyone who was not blind. Continue Reading »

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R.a.D Issue 58 Faze 7 Shop Advert

Faze 7 Shop Advert R.a.D Issue 58Faze 7 were one of the tiny number of old-time skateboard shops who were able to re-emerge with the revival of skating in 1987. They’d survived the dark ages on the usual mixture of rollerskates and BMX, but now their time had come again. Continue Reading »

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R.a.D Issue 58 James Watmough Cartoon

James Watmough CartoonA very seasonal tale indeed detailing the past, present and future of skateboarding. Don Brider, Wurzel, Rob Abel and Jeremy Fox all make some kind of appearance, but not the Ginger Lamo himself?

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R.a.D Issue 58 Everything at Your Leisure Advert

Everything at Your Leisure Advert Another advert – and you can’t even read this one, so no chance of shedding a tear about prices in the good old days. At this stage many of the shops advertising in R.a.D were combining skateboards with BMX, a painful process for them as well as for the magazine. Since you can’t see the prices in this dot matrix advert, here are some examples: Continue Reading »

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Skateboard History R.a.D Issue 58 Hot Wheels Advert

These were the days of Variflex and Life’s a Beach. Alva, Vision, Powell, G & S and Santa Cruz are all mentioned too, but without prices. Most of the advert was concentrating on BMX at this point. Hot Wheels Advert 1987
These days Hot Wheels are concentrating on bike distribution.

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R.a.D Issue 58 Raging Waters

R.a.D 58 Page 09Steve Keenan took the pictures and Steve Douglas wrote the story about the 1987 Labor Day competition at the legendary ramp at Raging Waters.
These were some of the most exciting pictures seen at the time.
Rumours had been flying around about Raging Waters, but this was the first time we got to see it, although there had been glimpses in the American magazines. Caballero won the highest air (as you can guess from the picture), Continue Reading »

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