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What about the R.a.D Book or Exhibition?

This is not meant as a substitute for the book or the exhibition which has been discussed on Old Skaters.

That idea is still going ahead, as far as I’m concerned. But that’s a very long term thing.

At the moment I happen to have a bit of time on my hands (!) so I feel this is an opportunity to experiment with getting some of the material published in a way which allows people to see it again, and to add their own recollections or comments if they wish.

2 responses to “What about the R.a.D Book or Exhibition?”

  1. I think this is a great way of providing us with a glimpse of something me and my mates could not get enough of – our own magazine. I just went to look for a few copies of RAD to leaf through, I found them in a pile between ESA Newsletters and ‘Total Frenzy’, ‘BORN-TO-SLAM’ and ‘Ratbite’ which is pretty much a perfect place to file them. Keep on it Tim. – Brad

  2. As one of our generation of skateboarders I grew up firstly from the transformation from BMX Action Bike to RaD then finally to Phat. It was what kept us going throughout the late 80’s into the small wheel big jeans dark days of the early 90’s. We were always stoked to get the new issue. Kids don’t know what it was like back then, it would be great to do a book/exhibition on that whole era
    I must have loads of old issues still in storage, never to be thrown away.

    TLB, always at every bash documenting everything that was going down.
    From a dirty wharehouse in Barrow, to Halle Munsterland he was there capturing it all. then getting out to all the skate rats getting them all stoked

    I really hope this project materialises. thanks Tim. – Benny

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