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R.a.D Issue 58 Atari 720 Advert

Is this serious? Well, since this is all about nostalgia, the adverts from the period may also be relevant! Somebody, somewhere might find these interesting.Atari 720 Advert R.a.D Issue 58
In this case we have Atari promoting the home computer version of 720. My recollection is that people like Steve Caballero provided the source material for this, but the advert for the game does not carry the name of any skaters. Tony Hawk would have been a fellow Powell team rider at the time, providing a tenuous link forward to an era when computer games would have a much bigger impact on skate culture. Or vice versa.

A Spectrum version, on tape, would have cost you £8.99. It was pound more for Amstrad, but you could even get an Amstrad disk version for fifteen quid.


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  1. Yeah its still out the back.It still works (the monitor and the computer) but the stick needs fixing.720 brings back a lot of memorys of being a kid in the 80’s

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