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R.a.D Issue 58 Lucian Hendrickse Cover

58 was the eighth issue of the real R.a.D magazine, and the first issue to be posted on this site. The reason for starting with this issue is that the cover date was “Christmas 1987” which corresponds to Novemember/December of the first year of the magazine.
R.a.D Issue 58 Cover -- Christmas 1987

The strapline on this issue was “Number One for Skateboards Streetstyle and Street Action” (clear evidence that the influence of Gavin Hills was yet to be felt) and the BMX Action Bike logo was still in evidence, although very small by this stage.

The cover price was 85p.

Cover Lines:

  • Lucian Hendrickse
    Skating’s Mr Bad Speaks Out
  • Exclusive! World’s Hottest Ramp
    Caballero and Hosoi at Raging Waters
  • Holeshot Preview
    American Skaters and Freestylers Coming Here!
  • WIN!
    New Pacer Scooters
  • Raging BMX Air
    Canning Contorts

The picture of Lucian was shot on the big ramp at the Level Skatepark in Brighton, Rodga Harvey can just about be seen on the platform. It looks like it was shot on a medium format camera, which was handy in those days because it could be used with fill flash at high shutter speeds. The cover lines look like they were put through a couple of photocopy stages to generate a moderate amount of Nick Philip’s “spanked up” effect.

Lasting memory of this? Lucian was understandably offended by the cover line. Richard Grant and Nigel Thomas, the creators of BMX Action Bike, had come from a Fleet Street background and some of this had rubbed off on me. So at this stage I was still making feeble attempts to put some kind of hook onto the features in the magazine.

Full List of Contents of Issue 58 of R.a.D Magazine


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  1. I would love to see any photo’s of Cab and Hosoi at Raging Waters. I think some of that comp appears in either Santa Cruz Wheels of Fire or Streets of Fire, can’t remember which. There’s definately a slo-mo of Hosoi pulling a massive tweaky Method there in Streets of Fire. I think…

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