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Original photograph of Steve Douglas at Raging Waters was by Luke Ogden. R.a.D Issue 58 ContentsThe credit has been written on by hand. I assume we must have forgotten to have it typeset: at this time we were setting type direct from disk (which involved learning codes which make raw HTML seem easy). We dropped the disks off at the typesetters late at night and collected the finished galley output the next day. So if something was wrong, or missing, we frequently had to adapt and make do.

At this stage there was still a fair bit of BMX content, and also the dreaded scooters.




  • Alex Baldock
  • Bod Boyle
  • Paul Browne
  • Phil Burgoyne
  • Steve Douglas
  • Paul Duffy
  • Jeremy Fox
  • Shane O’Brien


  • James Watmough
  • Sketchy

Nick Philip was the Assistant/Editor designer. His influence shaped the whole magazine and there will be more about that in due course, I hope.

Billy Brown and Andre Jacobson sold the advertising
Keith Miles was production manager
Ben Lewis of Deltamere Ltd was the publisher

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