When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

R.a.D Issue 58 Faze 7 Shop Advert

Faze 7 Shop Advert R.a.D Issue 58Faze 7 were one of the tiny number of old-time skateboard shops who were able to re-emerge with the revival of skating in 1987. They’d survived the dark ages on the usual mixture of rollerskates and BMX, but now their time had come again. Rodga Harvey and Paul Wright get a name-check in this cartoon, which also majors on directions for travel from London and Birmingham. “I’ve never seen so many decks,” says one of the kids in the closing frames. “At last, a real skate shop” says another. For shops which had been waiting for so long for this to happen, Christmas 1987 was a case of “I’ve never seen so many skaters”.


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