When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Skateboard History Transmissions Skateboard Advert from R.a.D Magazine Issue 58 1987

Transmissions Skateboard Advert R.a.D 1987
Skull and Bones meets Hawaii. Mostly skulls and bones actually. Gaze on these and wonder.


6 responses to “Skateboard History Transmissions Skateboard Advert from R.a.D Magazine Issue 58 1987”

  1. Shit! One of my neighbours had the ‘Skate Zombie’ one! I didn’t know they actually advertised. I thought they were Argos jobs.

  2. The Pyromaniac was my first board in 1986. Mine was dark blue on the fish tail shape with blue plastics. It was flat as a pancake, heavy as hell, and all the plastics were hollow. It had the awful bubble tail saver which after a week had worn through! I remember is being shrunk wrapped, but the trucks and plastics had been fitted afterwards. Bloody nightmare. I wanted a Kryptonics Ripstik, having seen it in a Faze 7 ad in RAD the same year. Was pretty gutted.

  3. Haha
    Yea just come across this.
    My first board was the skull one ripping off McGill. I wanted skate zombie. Surprisingly my mum deemed that inappropriate but a skull with a snake in its eyes sockets was better.
    I think that because it was advertised in rad it leant it legitimacy.

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