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BMX History R.a.D Issue 58 Mike Canning

Mike Canning R.a.D Issue 58
Nick Philip interviewed Mike Canning for the BMX interview in this issue, conducted at a time when the balance between skating and BMX freestyle was at a very difficult stage. At this point BMX riding seemed to be more about quarter pipes than halfpipes. Twiglets… Ramps like Mon’s had always had both types of users, but at other places there was more tension, even if riders like Mike Canning would get respect from anyone who was not blind.

Mike Canning. Indian Air. R.a.D Issue 58There’s a telling reference to Farnborough: “Ian Cocking let me ride that”. Other key UK riders of the era get a name check: Laidlaw, Dave Young, Terry Jenkins, Eric Steele, Andy Brown and Lee Reynolds, alongside the usual American suspects. The pictures were shot on a dismal day in Crawley.Mike Canning Interview R.a.D Issue 58 1987

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  1. He lived around the corner from my house, where his dad ran the local general store. I’d often see him practicing in the bus layby opposite his house. Was stoked to see him in the magazine, even though I was a skateboarder and he a bmxer.

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