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Faze 7 Advert Old School Skateboards: R.a.D Issue 58

Faze 7 Advert from 1987 Issue of R.a.D MagazineHosoi, Skull Skates, Alva, Brand X, Dogtown, Uncle Wiggley, Blockhead, Kryptonics and Santa Monica Airlines – that’s an emotive list of brands. There’s quite a variety of shapes on offer here. Some of them may be gimmicky, and all of them seem from another world now, but this is definitely one for the hardware fetishists looking for old school skateboards.

Faze 7 were very soon to become one of the leading distributors of skateboard equipment in the UK. They introduced World Industries and Blind to Britain, for example. Later they were one of the first to make a success of British-based skateboard brands with Panic and Blueprint (although taking a cue from earlier pioneers such as Death Box and the original giants, Benjyboards).

But at this point that was all to come: like New Deal Skates – who arrived on the scene a year or so after this — Faze 7 were originally a retailer rather than a distributor, let alone a manufacturer. Skating was still so small that companies had to survive on whatever they could get.


6 responses to “Faze 7 Advert Old School Skateboards: R.a.D Issue 58”

  1. shit. There’s probably around $20,000 of decsk on there by today’s prices. I’m digging on that black SMA Natas bottom right. The Blockhead notch nose is a real rarity too.

  2. Chiselbird:
    OK, I’ll try and re-do this as a bigger image, and I’ll do that with other ads which show lots of product in future (I’m thinking of the HSC ones which were similar to CCS ads and had huge numbers of tiny deck pictures).

  3. Holy Crap! I had this on my wall, along with all the RAD centre page posters etc. Just looking at this (which I totally studied at the time) has given me such a strong nostalgia hit it’s incredible! I remember each and every deck. I bought my first board at Faze7 in……88, 89 maybe. Possibly a bit earlier. How I aspired to the Hosoi decks in this advert! The shape just looked so awesome, especially to an 11 year old. Would still love to see a hi-res image if possible.


  4. I remember an old advert that transfixed me as a kid. Might have been about 84 and may have been a Shiner ad. It had decks, wheels and trucks etc but was titled ‘Just a few of the new’ or something similar. I’d love to see that again.

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