When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Lucian Hendrickse Interview from R.a.D Issue 58

Lucian Hendrickse Lien at Latimer RoadAt last… And what a ramp to be reminded of as well.

Lucian Hendrickse has been skating most of his life. He started as a little kid and he never stopped. In that time he’s seen, done and said a lot.

The caption read:

Latimer Road is Lucian’s new home. He can’t fault it. This tweaked Lien is from the Smell of Death jam and shows you just what you can get up to on a ramp like that.

The rest of the opening paragraph of the article made much (too much) of Lucian’s reputation with lines like:

the agression doesn’t stop when he gets off his board.

Lucian rightly complained about the sensationalist way in which he was presented. That was as typical of the period as the big decks and the skull’n’crossbones. And the scooters, come to that.

For anyone following the design history of the magazine, it’s fascinating to see Nick Philip using painted border masks like this, in a style which looks like a flash-forward to the equally distinctive work of Ian Lawson. We would have had to haggle with the repro house to avoid paying extra for the work. The trade-off was probably agreeing to run only one scan on each page.


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