When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Lucian Hendrickse Interview Part 4 1987 R.a.D Magazine

Lucian Hendrickse Level Brighton 1987Caption: This started out as a Method Air. Lucian’s determination to push for the ultimate in contrortion totally transforms the move. The result is so extreme it looks like a Japan.

There’s lots of good skaters at South Bank. Floyd Reid for example is a really good bank skater, but everyone just hangs out all the time and wants to go to parties and stuff. They won’t put any effort into skating. I do that too — I’m a prime layabout — but I find that I’m skating more.

Stockwell Road skatepark also gets a prime mention. At the time it was not nearly as prominent as it was to become. As Lucian explained, at that time only the locals would really skate it.


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