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R.a.D T-Shirt Advert featuring Nick Philip 1987

Rad Magazine T-Shirt Advert 1987Out of his box indeed. All of it out of the mind of Nick Philip. This is the authentic “Read and Destroy” original T-shirt. There was also a pure magenta/pink one, of course, this being 1987. Very over the top by today’s standards. Yours for only £10.45 including the 50p for postage and packing. Rare roots stuff, this!


3 responses to “R.a.D T-Shirt Advert featuring Nick Philip 1987”

  1. I had the pink one, I think i won it actually, fitted me like a tent back then. I wonder if the screen still exsists somewhere? Re-prints would fly out to door!

  2. The tee pictured here was for the true believers only i.e. those quick off the mark. The ball-watchers ended up with a version without the “read” “and” “destroy” within the letters. This original version was obviously vastly superior…

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