When We Was Rad:
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Southsea Skatepark Bowl, featuring Carl Westfield from 1987 Rad Magazine

Scooter Southsea Bowl 1987Context, we loved to show the context… John Thurston, manager of Southsea Skatepark and a key player at the time, can be seen at the right. Another caption on this spread says “It’s easy to come up with silly things to do on a scooter.” The appeal of scooters was transitory, unlike that of the bowl…

4 responses to “Southsea Skatepark Bowl, featuring Carl Westfield from 1987 Rad Magazine”

  1. This stuff comes back to haunt us all… I’m trying to nail a few ghosts of my own, I think.

    Southsea was always a good place to visit in those days. I really liked the atmosphere.

  2. Yes, I’m probably who you think I am. But I’m afraid the reason I’m doing this site is so that I can go some way towards helping people who are looking for those old magazines and pictures.

    This is all there is for the time being. It’s more than I’ve been able to do in the last 12 years, so it’s a definite improvement.

    The original pictures are all still boxed up in a couple of different places and extremely hard to get at. So for the forseeable future all I can do is this… Sorry!

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