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The Wall: Reader's Classified Adverts from Issue 58 of R.a.D MagazineThe Wall had its roots in the “Sales and Swaps” page of BMX Action Bike, but was already part of the progression which gave birth to this web site. While “Sales and Swaps” had been dedicated to the standard fare of reader’s classified adverts, The Wall was an early attempt to encourage reader participation. The strange messages were far more important than the buying and selling of skateboards, and we cherry-picked ones to encourage this.
An example from this issue which is typical of the process reads:

Beef & Dan, I have returned. Me and Gaz think the zine tears. Keep it up, stay tuned… Dave & Gaz Rothwell. Perth, W Australia.

Messages like that would bounce between groups of friends, though not usually over such great distances, in these days before SMS and chat.

Few on the editorial team saw the point of this, and I suspect most readers would have turned the page too, but this crude attempt at allowing readers of the magazine to have their say without having to write something as long as a letter was a fundamental part of the spirit of R.a.D Mag.

They also allowed would-be skate and BMX entrepreneurs to have a go, witness:

PPLA Pork Sausage Movement. Do you have floppy gonads? Contain them in the new Damage shirt from PPLA. £8 inc p+p. Also Zine 9 and new stickers. Send for part pack: £1 + sae

PPLA was David Slade’s Purple (or was it Pink?) Pig Liberation Army. I think. Someone correct me, please!

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