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Where? Guide to Places to Skate

Where? Guide R.a.D Magazine 1987This is the one part of R.a.D magazine which is still flourishing, but under a different name. The “Where?” guide started its life as “Concrete Corner” in Alpine Action back at the end of the seventies, and moved on line as “Knowhere” in the nineties. At the time of writing this it is still going strong and still serving skaters: www.knowhere.co.uk/skindex.html.
Fragments of the original words from “Where?” can still be found in “Knowhere” decades later. I’ve just spotted “Mellow bowl type council thingy. Can be fun. If you treat it that way.” from Retford for example. One or two phrases about Rom are still there as well.

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  1. We don’t delete anything from Knowhere, unless under severe pressure from the forces of order and conformity. It has sometimes been a struggle to keep it going, but it means a lot to state51 and provides a service to skaters. When I last thought about how to manage it I decided that at least some of it should be kept up to date – and so almost every day I update the skateboard and music sections, and some others.

    When Tim started state51 with us he was looking after all that data in a Filemaker database, and constructing helpful narratives for each place. We’d then output a big file, and we wrote a perl script to chop it up into web pages. So I think that everything Tim had in that Filemaker database is now up on the site. I might even be able to extract the original entries, as they had no date!

    Here’s an archive from when Tim was running Knowhere out of state51: http://web.archive.org/web/19990203041339/www.knowhere.co.uk/ .

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