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Pacer Street Scoot Advert from 1987The legendary Dave Currey was both the featured rider and the designer of the advert. He also did the graphics on the scooter itself. Dave was a colossal influence at this time, but largely unrecognised — the Pacer advert hints at the work he was to do later for Vision. He then went on to do some astonishing work online as one of the pioneers of all-out interactivity and VR. Few people have been so prolific or capable of working so fast. Few people have so many wild stories associated with them. He’s also one of the kindest people around.

For most of R.a.D’s life Santa Cruz had a lock on the back cover, but this issue has no adverts from their distributor, Shiner, at all — as far as I can make out. I can only guess at the reason. Shiner helped kick-start R.a.D and the skateboard revival by funding the original Skate Action pullout supplement in BMX Action Bike and they were the most solid advertisers in the magazine throughout its life.

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