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Texas skate competition reportThe pictures show ex-pat Danny Webster, John Fabriquer, Alan Losi, Nick Guerrero, Mark Roach and Craig Johnson.

Vernon’s report on the competition concludes:

MAlba turned up and systematically built up his runs in a crescendo for the final. A well thought out approach got him into 7th place. H Street’s John Sonner made this his only S.U.A.S appearance, left his mark and took 6th place. 5th was Bryan Pennington; this man obviously has someone guiding him on his Frontside Ollie to Smith-grind Revert over the channel, cause they’re divinely rad. 4th was Scott Stanton, straight edge and all the way from Pensacola Florida. He did a rad Ollie to Lipslide on the extension, rode down the transition with a wheel catching on the edge of the ramp and still made it. Third place left the Dane, Nicky Guerrero, with enough cash to pay for the car he had bought four days prior (again). Bod Boyle ended up in second again behind first Al Losi. The battle continues from the Southsea S.U.A.S through Munster, Docklands…

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