You are here: Home » Issue 84 February 1990 » The Bird the Boy and The Bat by Joe Millson

Back Door View by Joe MillsonBack Door View was a feature we ran for a while to allow space to publish various kinds of short pieces from new contributors.
Joe Millson was the skater who had the ramp near Newbury with one platform supported by an old car.
The hope was that providing a small space which did not have a defined format would attract more contributions — but filling it remained a struggle. It was a familiar problem at the time: a magazine desperately keen to find new contributors and readers who perhaps thought they could never get anything published.
Things may now have changed. The print magazines probably still struggle to find fresh contributors, but there’s no shortage of new writing (and lots else) flowing through other channels.
Yes, I feel wistful about this. If we could have just hung on a bit longer…

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