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Vision Street Wear advert February 1990Vision, not Santa Cruz, on the back of R.a.D magazine? These were strange days. No idea what was going on there. Interesting to see that one of the pictures is by David Walsh and another by Dan Sturt.
Vision’s history would be fascinating to read. This must have been around the time of the peak, complete with the monster warehouse the size of a block.
They touched on the development of R.a.d on various occasions, but always in a very oblique way. At Alpine Sports I can remember Pete Collins coming back from California with stories about buying stuff from a distributor who seemed to be very into Britain and drove some British sports car. Brad’s sister ran the Mad Rats brand which was one of the first small labels we brought over (I still use one of the bags). Steve Douglas and Schmitt began their business relationship beneath the Vision umbrella.
At a critical period they provided home and employment for the legendary Dave Currey. And of course, for a long time there was Mark Gonzales, whose skating and approach to life were a deep influence on the magazine.

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