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Report on Parkland Walk Skateboard Competition

This report even ended with the details of how to add your voice to the campaign to save the Walk. I wonder whether anyone did. The good news is that it’s still there. There’s a good section on the Parkland Walkway on the Derelict London website.

Straight after this came the A group with the same number of runs and rebates. Pete Dossett and Jason Lunn had turned up, but decided to sit this one out. They judged, along with new London resident, Lija, and Neasden local, Neil. The two runs passed without much fuss and it was soon over. The results were a fair indicator of how everyone skated, and even if they weren’t nobody really cared because they’d all had a good time. Seventh place was occupied by Eddie. He could not get it together on this day, bailing the high madonnas and liens which he can usually pull without problem. Joint sixth place went to Matt Sanchez and Bugs. Matt turned up rather late in the day and had very little practice but did himself credit with rather nice disasters. Bugs showed what he can do with stylish layback rollouts and frontside 50/50’s. Leggy ground his way into fifth with alley ooped back side Smiths, stand-up grinds and feebles.

The top four was quite a close thing. Ian Lawson made his way into the fourth place spot, with a combination of airs and an ability to put a run or two together. Skating rather strongly was Gary Clegg: he didn’t really show up with anything new, but seemed to have everything he does down. This included frontside ollies, inverts and backside airs.

Probably the smoothest skater there was Aaron Bleasdale. He got the second place spot, skating solidly with difficult tricks like nose pick grinds, method airs, and nose pivot lip-slides. Heading into a well deserved first place was Mike Manzouri. Skating in the Docklands with all the pros has had some effect, cause he was ripping. His runs showed glimpses of genius. Tricks like backside lip-slides, frontside airwalks to tail, tail slides, lien airs, front side ollies, disasters and Madollies guaranteed his first place. Prizes were donated by Friends of The Parkland Walk and Slam City.

If you want to save the walk _ and the ramp _ here are some ways you can make your voice heard. If you’re a local skater you can sign a petition on Saturdays between 10 and 2 at a stall run by Friends Of The Parkland Walk on Stroud Green Road opposite Tescos (Finsbury Park tube), or by going to their office at Station House, Stapleton Hall Road, London N4. Phone 01 348 nnnn for times. Or if you can’t do that, write to Cecil Parkinson, Department of Transport […]

Manzoori — Madolly

All the Bracknell boys were up there. Ian Jewell, Judo Air on his way to third B

Lawson — Lein to Tail

Clegg and Crouch End are synonymous

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