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Pacer Raider Skateboard Trucks Advert

Pacer Trucks advert from 1989Pacer have an interesting place in the history of skateboarding in the UK. Steve Constable was one of the first people to import skateboards into Britain in time for the boom of the nineteen seventies. I think the “Shark” boards were his. The company was called “Gecko” and distributed G & S, ACS and Powell at various points. During the BMX years they followed the same strategy of concentrating on big names (Redline, Kuwahara, ACS again) only to see the big sales going elsewhere once again.
During the eighties and nineties Steve and his business parter Adrian Parsons took a different approach and aimed to create their own brand, Pacer, concentrating on the middle part of the market. I don’t think it really worked. I suspect that most people would only think of Death Box if asked to name a British skateboard brand from this period.


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  1. the hogs fell apart sadly! Pacer had another advert with cartoons about how well made their decks, wheels, trucks were *compared to the other budget/completes* which was like saying please don’t compare them to the big boys… Rip Stix(?) were the only other budget completes I knew of that had (slightly) concave decks and non-plastic wheels, but it always seemed to make more sense to buy decent-but-thrashed secondhand if you were just starting out.

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