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Santa Cruz Decks Advert from 1989 Featuring Mike Prosenko

Santa Cruz Skateboard Ad featuring Mike ProssenkoLook at all these classic board shapes (and weep, or smile, depending on your skate generation). This is an excellent set of graphics as well, providing yet another wonderful insight into another era.
At the time I paid far less attention to the adverts than most readers. Looking back, they seem to distil the essence of the era in a way which is very different from the editorial content. The further I go with this project, the more interesting I find the advertising.
That brings me to the end of this issue. I now have to work out which one to do next. At the moment I really like being able to include the full text of most of the articles, which limits my choice to the issues where I have a working backup disk. I suspect that’s what I’ll do this time round…


One response to “Santa Cruz Decks Advert from 1989 Featuring Mike Prosenko”

  1. looking back at this advert for santa cruz its nice to see the diffrence in graphics and the obvious shape diffrence, back then graphics seemed to be less gimicky than today and they were for a small part of your skate life . until you stopped looking and started skating on your board anyway.were one of the focal points of getting your new board, they were for me anyway as i say until at least when u started skating on your board properly.

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