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Christian Heitman, 1989, photo Mike JohnIssue 82 contains a lot of interesting material: an article about freestyle evolving into streetstyle, coverage of skateboading in Nothern Ireland and my favourite Slam City Skates advert.

This cover shot by Mike John shows Christian Heitman at the Madrid competition, allowing us to get a bit of sunshine on the front of the magazine in the middle of winter. The stained-glass border illustration is credited to “Ian, who skates Crouch End” — a great example of someone who just got in touch and said “I’d really like to do this”. It was great to be able to say “yes”.

72 packed pages? It was Christmas and there was enough advertising around to allow us to add on a few extra pages.
Cover lines:

  • Madrid
  • F.I.S.T
    Freestyle Punch
  • Ireland
    Full on Blarney
  • 72 Packed Pages

Cover price was £1.00

Sorry not to have jumped do a different year, but I think it’s interesting to be able to include the full text of articles where I can get it and this is the only disk I have available at the moment.

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