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Jason Ellis Interview December 1989. Photograph copyright: David Walsh
David Walsh supplied words and pictures on Jason Ellis, at a time when the Melbourne star had only been skating three and a half years.


by David Walsh

Age — 18 (just)

How long skating — Three and a half years

Home town — Melbourne, Australia

Favourite place to skate — San Jose warehouse, Nunawading, Torquay, Beaumaris

Favourite food — All women

Who do you skate with — James, Christian Biancardi, Gregor, Gary, Lee, Hugh and the ultimate the Sac

Most under-rated skaters — Steve Salisian, Ross Goodman

Raddest thing seen — Matthew Schroeder at the Vans mini-ramp contest jumping off the handrail of the vert ramp and landing on his board on the flat of the mini-ramp

Favourite trick — Kickturns

Worst slam — Locked up on an axle stall when I was learning how to skate and I broke my wrist and dislocated my elbow

Where have you travelled — Lots of places, Canberra, Sydney, Queensland, Adelaide and California for six months

Do you like backyard pools — yeah, they rule: they are the most fun to skate out of any terrain

Last words — One bourbon, one scotch and one beer

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