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When freestyle vs streetstyle seemed like an issue

Chris Howell, Ollie Kick-flip, South Bank 1989Chris Howell was a freestyler who organised events under the “F.I.S.T.” banner (Freestyle In Street Terrain). As the caption said:

On banks (good), Kick-flip Ollie (good), on a freestyle board (could you hold on while I take a quick attitude check on that please?)

This was a slightly uncomfortable period as people who had called themselves freestyle skaters (a very small band) suddenly saw their type of skating cross over into the mainstream, but under a different name and with a slightly different approach. Most of the photographs in the rest of the article place the emphasis on older-style freestyle, with hands involved as much as feet and wheels only to a lesser extent — but this one would fit happily with the sessions from the future.

2 responses to “When freestyle vs streetstyle seemed like an issue”

  1. Looking back on the past two decades of skating, I find it interesting how far street and vert boards have moved towards freestyle boards (narrower, double tails, etc).
    This movement has opened up a lot of freestyle moves to street and vert skating.
    I smile when remembering how we would kickflip a 30″ by 10″ board given how easy it is on today’s boards…….kids today, don’t know they’re born………old fart over and out.

  2. nowt wrong with being and old fart..my eldest thinks its cool that i can spin impossilbles on my board..the smae one that looks the size of what your ona bout mate..

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