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Bod Boyle, Madrid Comp 1989On we go with more strange but true Madrid skateboard facts from the pen of Mike John.

S.B.T. Fact 5

Street-style wasn’t a ridiculous collection of jump ramps, death walls and other nightmares — it was worse! The ‘course’ was just the four-sided fun-box thing and nothing else. Yup: no-thing else. Christian Welsh and co did their best to put the object together, but only after they had finished did they realise that they had been following the instructions for an MFI cabinet. Everybody Ollied, flipped, slid etc. In the end all that mattered or impressed were Fowlie winning with an Ollie to 50/50 down the handrail, Waage big smelly Fish into second and Skousen frontside Railslide to third. Oh, and some hombre did the sweet nutcracker on the rail.

S.B.T. Fact 6

Go-Go won the skate photographers ‘Best-looking freestylers award’ beating Shane Rouse by a hair’s breadth.

All tried to do their perfected runs to their sound-tracks but most ended up doing the sand dance on the dry and dusty slippy surface.

S.B.T. Fact 7

I could go on for ever about the ramp, how it was built, how everybody ripped but still had a good time — but I won’t.

The ramp was huge and perfect (see photos). Almost all the top European skaters were there (see comp reports over the past few months for basic tricks). There was lots of new and good stuff like Danzie’s Stale-to- tail, Douglas’ long 50/50 off the extension and Bod’s Lipslide up it, Tietzer’s forehead scraping Fakie Footplant Thrusters and biggest crowd pleaser of all, Florian’s back to back McTwists.

The top three could have come in any order and nobody could have said they were ripped. In the end Bod’s multi-trick gob-smacking runs, using all of the ramp, won over Nicky’s high speed runs, whipping round the ramp like a Tasmanian devil and kicking out 8 foot high Japan airs. Florian brought home third with Fast-plants off the extension and consistent Twists.

So, those of you still reading, that’s about the size of it: all in all, a relaxed fun comp with old friends, new friends and no pressure. I reckon Europe needs loose comps like this, as well as the big US pro-baiting slick comps like Munster, if only to keep a balance.

“And you get a free trip, you cheeky sod” added the reader. ”YOU’RE FIRED”

CAPTIONS: Mr Boyle used the full width of this big ramp for fast high lines
Bod, Payne and the big baby nearing completion
(below) ‘And here’s one we prepared earlier…’ — and the crew

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