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Angel Lights and Others in Small Ads

Small Adverts from 1989 Rad MagazineIn amongst the usual suspects there are some intriguing rareities in this page of small adverts. The Angel Lights Planetary Skatepark was the wonderful (and infamous) indoor Glasgow park, more commonly known as “The Church”. It had a short but brilliant life and lives on in legend, but we never gave it enough coverage.
Meanwhile, from the suburbs of London we have someone selling ‘skateboard keyrings’ (the original fingerboards from a time way before Tech Decks) by mail order and also someone specialising in “surf and skatewear” but “also flouro surf & skate accessories” by mail order from Acton. Both of these were signs of times to come, although too early by some years.
Elsewhere on the page someone else was clearing out decks at £30.95 — another portent of what was round the corner.


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