You are here: Home » Issue 82 December 1989 » Bankead Skating Buckingham Palace

Will Bankhead skates Buckingham PalaceOwn up! Who took this picture of Will Bankead skating in the Buck House Bowl? I wonder if we dropped the photo credit for fear of recriminations?
The same skater and location appear in the elegiac sequence at the end of Ged Wells and David Slade’s “Mouse is Pulling the Key” — one of my favourite sections in one of my favourite skate videos. Re-release it on DVD please!
Anyone interested in the work of David Slade really ought to take a look at it. As far as I’m aware it was only the second thing he did outside of college. The first, “Smart People in a Car Crash” (more BMX than skate video though to describe it in those terms is plain silly), was even more astonishing as a debut.
As this issue draws to a close it makes me smile that (at last) it brings back some fond memories of the time: each one of them prompted by things I had nothing to do with personally, beyond making it possible for them to appear. One of my all time “best things ever in R.a.d Magazine” appears tomorrow and it’s one which I first saw, like everyone else, when the magazine came out.

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