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Speed Freaks Video Advert 1989

Speed Freaks Video Advert 1989The issue closes with a Speed Freaks video advert. At last. It’s been a long slog working my way through this fat edition of the magazine, and I’m starting to have doubts about the virtue of posting every single advert up here.
For the time being I will carry on with the same approach for the next issue, but it may soon be time to reconsider the approach to take. What’s the feeling here?


4 responses to “Speed Freaks Video Advert 1989”

  1. I appreciate the size of the task you have set yourself here, but it would be a shame if you reduced it to, say, just the big photo features because although they are a great piece of nostalgia, with undeniable visual impact, similar shots are usually available elsewhere online.

    It’s the writing and the small ad pages which make this project unique. We can all Google up a picture of Jason Jessee or Tony Magnusson but not Pete Dossett. Now can we be reminded of an ad for Rollersnakes or an article about the Wigan comp, or Southsea skatepark.

    Having said all of the above, please keep going in whatever form you choose. It’s so brilliant to be able to come here and browse the articles and yearn for a simpler time…

    I applaud you!

  2. yes – carrying on with it is the most important thing – but my preference would be for you to hop around issues a bit more – you obviously see the value of the small ads and snippets, so I can trust you to put the gems on here!

  3. The next issue I’m working on is from May 1991, so that’s a bit of a jump. I’ve got a disk with the words on it and it contains some stuff which I like.
    I’ll carry on trying to include every page for now. There are some really dull adverts in this one I’m afraid, but, as SgtPartridge points out, even those can spark memories for different people.

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