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Winstan Whitter on the cover of issue 96 of R.a.D Magazine, May 1991In May 1991 Winstan Whitter (Rollin’ Through the Decades) featured on the cover, skating the fly-off on the bank at Harrow Skatepark. The cover lines promised to tell you “How to be the Worlds Greatest street skater (in 30 days)” as well as tempting references to “Brum Street” and vague offers of “All play and no work”.
My first reaction when I look at this issue is to wince at the low standard of the reproduction. We were clearly having one of episodes of trouble at this time. These were particularly painful to an editorial team led by a photographer and full of artists of one kind or another. But the contents include one of my own favourite photographs and article which I was really pleased to publish. There’s also a review of the Blind Video complete with Jason Lee as well as plenty of “news and attitudes.”
So here we go.

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