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Airbourne Zorlac Street Hell Advert

Zorlac UK Advert 1991This from the days when Zorlac had their own UK distribution company. In this respect Airbourne Zorlac were up with Powell in the ‘ahead of their time’ stakes; they had a go at doing their own distribution in the UK long before most manufacturers.
By 2006 this approach had become much more common. The European distributors are starting to be squeezed out of the picture and are taking to manufacture instead, as skateboarding becomes a mature (!) global industry. I expect the trend to continue as the ‘distribution’ stage in the supply chain gradually fades out.


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  1. The web site is following the same format as the magazine, page by page. The sequence is the same as it was in the magazine itself. By running a burst of adverts at the start (as here) we could give more space to uninterrupted features later. Other times we’d run have the contents on page 3 and get on with it straight away.
    By the way: we used to agonise over the flat-plan trying to get the placing of the features and the use of colour to work as well as we could.
    It was usually based on the rhythm of a particular piece of music.

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