When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Contents of Issue 96 of R.a.D Magazine, May 1991

Contents Page from May 1991 R.a.D Magazine

Some cracking stuff in here, notably the “How to be the world’s greatest street skater” article!


16 All Play and No Work

The daily grind

23 Holy Hamburg

Europe’s Hottest Skate Spot

27 How to be the World’s Greatest Street Skater

Win Münster with our 30 day wonder-plan

39 Birmingham Days

Skate HARD in the City

56 Goshen Gallery

Snaps and Snippets from the Bury comp


6 Ears

Summer Tour Dates, New Places and Faces

10 Products

Decked out for the sun

12 Letters

Gavin gives as good as he gets

14 Steve Douglas Page

As predicted last month: Cab’s won one

21 Couch Session

Blinding stuff — a major contribution from Gonzales and co

36 Spangleski

Hi-jacked by Hardcore, the Mouth of the Street

46 The Wall

Hi to X-ey, Y-ey and Z-ey. Please send diagrams.

48 Intros

Warren Brown, Winston Whitter, Jagger

52 Sequences

Tweakery, nosery and bumpery

61 Desert Island Skater

Brider Bleeding on a Beach

62 Calendar

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2 responses to “Contents of Issue 96 of R.a.D Magazine, May 1991”

  1. I’m looking forward to the Goshen pictures, I used to go down there quite a lot staying at Gooey’s house (remember Team Manic?). The mini and vert were awesome. Incidentally, relating to the comments / discussion on a previous post, they were both covered in Masonite.

  2. Hi,

    Can you help? or advise
    I am looking to try and obtain a vintage copy RAD issue 100 (Sept 1991). Only because my son disbelieves me that I used to skateboard and a photo of me at Leigh-on-sea skate park with Tony Hawk.

    Many thanks
    Martin Parrott

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