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Letters from Tym Goldie and Prague Skaters

Letters Rad Mag May 1991. Prague Tym GoldieBen Stephens cheers up Gavin, as does news from Prague. But where did we get the translation from? Tym Goldie chips in…


I’m an 18 years old human being and I’m actually very angry at you. First of all I meant to write to you about Czechkoslovakia where I come from ’cause I thought it would be interesting for you, but I gave up this idea when I read your idiotic commentry on a letter from a Yugoslavian boy

Why are you Englishmen such puffed up people? (I blame the cooking) I hope you won’t kill me or declare war on Chechkoslovakia for this sentence. You should appreciate the anxiety of people who are trying to learn English rather than critisise them. Do you think that you’ll ever be able to speak Czech or Yugoslavian without making a mistake?

I have another question: Why do you think that girls don’t skate? Maybye they’re not as cool agressive and ugly as some boys are? I guess all I’m trying to say is I’d be thankfull for a reply , but don’t say something wrong about my poor English!

With love,



Mockrát dekuji za Tvuj dupis. Je nam lito, ze jsme te urazih, ale zároven si myslime, ze doslo k nedorozumeni. Nenarázeli jsme na tvou anglictinu, opak je pravdou; vetsina cizincii, kterí písí do naseho casopisu mají lepsi anglictinu nez my!

Vzdycky nás potesí do naseho casopisu mají lepsi anglictinu divek.

Doutam, ze moje nylepsi o cestina jenom podporuje miy argument a se budes pokracouat v ctem naseho casopisu.

Deyuji jeste jednou za Tviuj dopis, ne prestan skejtouat a ja se pokusim zlepsit svou cestinu alespon na uroven tve anglictiny.

Mnoho pozdravi,


PS Nemyslim si, ze Anglie planuje invazi Ceskoslovenska — George Bush by to msei udelatr pruni. Sorry, enough said!



What the hell do you think you’re doing? How could you posssibly concieve having a "Style" article without including me? Re-do it and put me down under "Complete Crap"

T. Goldie

Rabbit Hutch

Thank-you to all those who wrote in drawing our attention to the glaring ommission of Timmy Mallett as well. We apologise.



Life is good!!! Skating is good!!! Weather is good!!! Sex is good!!! Attitudes are good!!! Radio’s good!!! Why can’t every day be this good?

Ben Stephens

High Wycombe

P.S. Yo Trev, Steve

At bloody last. Can I tell you something? As I sit here I’m wading through a pile of letters, a lot of which seem to be full of things like "Please print that this guy we know called Alfie is a complete tosser…." or "There’s this guy in a shell suit at our local ramp who every one rates but is in fact a load of crap, can you print that I am better than him…" etc. It brings a little refreshment to tired eyes to know that for some people skating isn’t about slagging but about dead, dead good things. Life is sweet.


One response to “Letters from Tym Goldie and Prague Skaters”

  1. Love that last letter!

    That’s how I felt when I skated. That’s how you SHOULD feel when you skate. I didn’t skate to be cool, in fact my hobby was derided with the ‘cool kids’ when I started so there was no inclination to ‘profile’ at all. If I decide that a shell-suit gives me the freedom of movement to be rad without restriction, then I’ll bloody well wear one! (I didn’t though, I’m not poor or a nonce!)

    The positive vibes from that letter have transcended the years and actually brightened up my day! How refreshing, thanks Tim!

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