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American Skateboard News from May 1991

Steve Douglas America Skateboard News May 1991

Steve Douglas kept the news flowing from America, including the latest gossip, tricks, team changes and equipment.

First off I’d like to thank Bod for his guest appearance on my page last month.



Tim Payne has been busy again, he just got back from Hamburg, West Germany where he built a 6.5′ high bowl connecting via a spine to a mini and a big ramp. Apparently there’s no charge to get in. Also Tim just flew out to Cal to build an outdoor park: bowl, mini, vert etc. It should be finished soon.

The YMCA Skate Camp is going to happen again this year. Dates are 13th July to August 22nd — a total of five sessions. The camp is up in Sequoia National Park, a totally beautiful place near Fresno, about half way between SF and LA and slightly east. Great ramps… if you plan to go to the States this year I would think about a week there. It’s well worth it.

Gator’s now on G & S! Vision now making Bunjie Clothing Wear! Josh Windle off Vision… John Schultes now on Poor House… LSD to hook up with BBC??? Christian Hosoi’s SK8 Culture boards out now… Rick Ibaseta and Neil Hendrix boards on New Deal soon…

Eastern Vert in North Carolina are going to build a wooden vert bowl and a full-on street course, all indoors. Their facility will be twice what it is now.

Congratulations to Tony Hawk, who got married the day after the Vision Vert comp. Other weddings on the way: Steve Keenan (May), Ed Templeton (November) and, I think, Jason Lee.



Frontside Ollie impossible — Ocean Howell

360° Heel-flip — Ed Templeton

Frontside big spin to lipslide down railings — Sal Barbier

Ollie one-foot to backside Smith down railings — Mike Carol

Alley-oop 5-O to alley-oop lipslide to backside revert on vert — Fred Orlande

Frontside hurricane to revert on vert — Chris Livingston

Ollie impossible to stale-fish to fakie on vert — Danny Way

Double kick-flip to Indy on vert — Danny Way

Nose-blunt slides on benches — Mark Gonzales

Big spin over trash cans — Guy Mariano



New Jason Lee out on Blind • Max Evans now rides for Black Label, his board is available now • Gabriel Rodriguez board out on 101 • SMA: Branden Chapman out now, Eric Brittan model coming soon, new Julian Stranger model soon • New from Santa Cruz new Claus, Corey O’Brien and Jason Jessee • H Street: Danny Way pro and street models coming soon, also new Jason Rogers Jumbo board and Alphonzo Rawls model soon. New Colby Carter, Chris Livingston out now with new concave. Also they have a new wheel called Jivz. 55mm, they come in 95 and 97 • Sims now distributed through Santa Cruz — two "no name" boards and an Eric Nash. Also available, the new Sims Snakes • Look out for Sluggo’s board out on Real coming soon also 55mm Real Small Wheels • Burly Caps from Canada are made of a very dense polyethylene which lasts and slides for ever. They fit on Rector or Pro Designed Pads, so if you’re tired of replacing old caps try to get your hands on some of these. Write to: Burly Caps, c/o Greg Baller, PO Box 1075, Station M, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2X1 • Two new videos to watch out for are the Planet Earth one called "Now and Later" and the long-awaited Blind one, which is really good and has some footage from the UK.



Last weekend there was meant to be a contest at Rosanita Beach in Mexico — on the beach at a Surf and Reggae Festival. The day it was meant to start, it was cancelled. All the skaters were already there, so it was moved to the Vision warehouse ramp. But that was being pulled down… so they had to rebuild it for the contest. Talk about sketchy. Apparently it was still a rad contest and the top ten all ripped and did really long rides. Here’s the results: 1st, Steve Caballero; 2nd, Omar Hassan; 3rd, Tony Hawk; 4th, Chris Gentry; 5th, Mike Crum; 6th Dave LeReoux; 7th, Buck Smith; 8th, Christian Hosoi; 9th, Chris Livingston; 10th, Lance Mountain.



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  1. god to take me back to thetime when it was ok to have rails on your board! and every trick led into “to”…now its jsuts s/s flip t/slide…like bastardised txts lol…its strange reading all the old names looking back and seeing that some have gone onto to be major founders of some of the companys that we know and like?..and others hve well gone into the skate obscurity ramp i the sky…

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