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Glitches in posts

Ouch, that last message from the end of August now seems prophetic.

There’s a lot been going on for me during this month which means that I haven’t been able to keep up with this site.

I’m hoping that I can get back to it soon…


12 responses to “Glitches in posts”

  1. I have spread the word to some of the old Bracknell lads and there going to have a good look as they have not seen any of this stuff for years. Keep up the good work and hope to see some of the old mags soon!

    PS Anyone got any old issues of RAD as im only after 1 but cant remember the year and issue number. The caption was ‘indie stripey to zero sophitso’ and had the demo with John Cardell at Harrow. If anyone has any more info can you let me know?



  2. ian your after a 90,s issue..its the one were ther was a combo team came to the uk new deal,real,and the newly formed consolidated team…caardiel,toscheff,salmon agah,andy williams,rocker and a few others…i only remeber coz i seen them at the barrow sakteshack…get in touch if u want but i ondt have the magazine sorry…hope it helps anyway

  3. I’m looking for a RAD magazine from about 90-91, not too sure, it featured some tournament at Aberdden Exhibition centre, I was in the background of a few pics. Not sure where my copy ended up.

  4. hey guys, i’m loving this site, hope you get all the rads on here, seeing the covers again brings it all back, loved the day i could go to the shop and see the new rad on the shelf, 31 now and still rolling.. . not so hard now tho, hurts!! ha!!
    are you gonna put the phat mags on here, i’ve been hunting for the welsh one for ages, think its the one with the pritch interview, sort of welsh special, skin took the pics, i had a picture of me doing k grind in it, but i lost the mag, gutted!!! but im still trying to find it.. would be cool if you new how i could get hold of the mag, or may be you could put it on this site!! keep up the good work man!! jonnie

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