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Smallroom Skateboards, Clan and SS20 Adverts

Smallroom skateboards, Clan and SS20 AdvertsSmall Room Skateboards… I have only the vaguest memories of them. Perhaps someone can help out with more information? Tony Buyalos and Donny Wilson are listed as team riders.
Other adverts are from classic ‘skater owned shops’ — Clan/Poizone and SS20 with SS20 claiming the fastest mail order in the UK! The SS20 ad also details their various ramps such as ‘the only vert spine ramp in the country at Mons’ and hints at the coming of a new ramp just down the road from the shop. It must have been not long after this that I went to see that new ramp and saw Tom Penny skate for the first time.


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  1. Hi, Jagger here, i was wondering if i could get a scan of my checkout from that issue, and the birmingham article, for posterity’s sake. good site by the way, i feel old.

  2. kingy i was just hopin fro some new pics mate lol been ages since the site was updated i know TLB is busy in his new job or whatever it is but maybe someone else could do the project or something?

  3. yeah the ian the cross over with skateaction was so rad!…lol…shoulda seen the transfer on that TLB ramp…..MR BOYCE come back please im sick of reading this page and need something else to read to drag me away from trisha beofre my new job starts! lol

  4. Hi all, not sure where else to post this? Does anyone have an issue of Rad a feature on Mount Hawke?
    Its not the July 1994 [Issue 132] feature,I think its a year before that (ish!). I want to get a copy of a picture I had in it 🙂

  5. November 1992, issue 114. The feature was by Jamie Turnbull and was called “Sermon on the Mount”, if that’s of any use.
    I think I only have the office copy, so can’t help. Sorry.
    It’s the issue with the Simon Evans interview, so if I can ever get back to doing this it ought to appear at some point — that issue is a very good example of the last period of R.a.d

  6. Jesse: they’re different things. The last issue of R.a.D (in the official sense) would be one of the one’s published by the windsurfing people who bought in 1993. I’m not sure when they stopped.
    The last one done by my group was issue 119 in April 1993. So that was the last one in the tradition which went back to BMX Action Bike in the eighties (and Alpine Action or Skateboard! if you want to trace the roots in the seventies).
    I ran round the Spitalfields contest taking lots of mug shots so that as many people as possible could say they were on the cover of R.a.D magazine, even though I knew it would not make a commercially successful cover.

  7. Small Room was a company out of San Luis Obispo, Ca. owned by Louis Carlton. I used to ride for them, had a ad in Thrasher spring of 1990″Robbie Becker model not coming out soon..”. Had some great riders on the team, was previously Eppic Skateboards and had Sal Barbier and Kris Markovich before they became huge to name a few. Louis moved to Portland and was doing some great graphic design work, haven’t heard from him in awhile though.

  8. Thanks for filling in the background, Robbie. The more bits and pieces of information that wash up here, the better — I don’t see why it should just be some dry archive.

  9. Thanks Tim! Just caught up with Louis this week, he is now the creative director of product for Adidas in the US.

  10. this is bringing back some fond childhood memories…before epic became smallroom they had their shop in the town i grew up in (los osos, ca). they had thrown out tons of their “faulty” decks and my friends and i scored on a ton of decks, including their “Z” shaped decks…man, i wish i had hung on to those as a keepsake but when you’re 10-13 years old you dont think of that kind of stuff much. ahh those were the days. even when they changed to smallroom i continued skating their decks.

  11. Pretty sure that Small Room was sort of a precursor to New Deal (or that they are some how related), which, of course, helped spawn both Underworld Element (which you would know today as simply Element) and Mad Circle (which, sadly, also didn’t survive the ’90’s I think).

    I have a couple of good friends (who no longer skate) who were on the Small Room am team in the early ’90’s. Ahhh, the good ole’ days.

  12. Hi Brandon,

    I don’t recall there being a direct connection between Small Room and New Deal, but by memory is getting fuzzy. I can certainly remember the Underworld Element (Andy Howell even did a cover for the magazine, but the publisher made us use it as a spread instead) and Mad Circle connections.

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