When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Welcome Harry Hardcore

Scan of Harry Hardcore article from 1991 R.a.d Skateboard MagazineThis run of pages seems to be a real Gav fest. The much-hated Ricky Spangles, a.k.a Spangleski had finally been buried, probably as a result of reader pressure. And pressure closer from within the team as well, I suspect. So here we have “Harry Hardcore”, Gavin’s nod to all those who could tell (and the telling was important to them) who was and who wasn’t a real skater. Have things changed? Maybe all those ‘was’ should be ‘is’?

Sod off! Sod off! Sod off! There, I’ve said it, that’ll show em. I always hated that Spangleski twat anyway. You wouldn’t catch me at any bloody show business party, not me. Nooo-waay! I’m out there on the streets skating my nadgers off. Street’s where it’s at, and don’t let any vert bastard tell you otherwise…

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