When We Was Rad:
Skateboard History from UK Vintage Magazine

Freestyle Skate Ramps, Back Street Skates Adverts and others 1991

Freestyle Skate Ramps advert 1991The odd one out here is the advert from the Advertising Standards Authority. These were used as fillers if the advertising space had not been sold to anyone.
Every now and again we would find ourselves on the receiving end of their attention when someone got upset about an advert. The most bizarre example of that I can recall was a “Slimeballs Vomits” advert which showed some very fake looking sick with the wheels montaged on to it. I still can’t quite work out why something as cartoon-like as that upset anyone sufficiently for them to complain. But it did. The story even got some coverage in things like Time Out magazine. Most odd.
In other cases, as when Mambo ran an advert with a cartoon character being crucified, I could see the point. Whether I could see the point or not didn’t actually matter, since the editorial team had no involvement in the adverts, but we were the public face and we took the flak.


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