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Warren Brown Skateboard Intro 1991

Good solid skating. 1991 was a wonderful time, when street skating really was starting to come together. Although my vision of skateboarding was formed on ramps and skateparks in the dark ages, the street explosion of the early nineties was a wonderful time for me.

Years skating: 2 years Where from: Hackney Skate with: Curtis McCann, Tony Luckhurst, Si, and my little brother, Isaac Where: South Bank mostly and around my area — there are a few good spots here, but sometimes you get a bit of trouble from people Current set-up: At the moment I’m riding a Powell Franky Hill, Independent trucks and Real wheels. It’s fully rad: the Real Wheels are small and light and the Powell board’s really sturdy with a good pop on them, and it feels really comfortable beneath my feet Favourite board in the past: A New Deal Andrew Morrison with Indys and Spitfires Working on: Front foot Ollie impossibles, backside lipslides on benches and stuff — I can do them on curbs, but I’m trying to progress onto higher things — and a lot of push-it, fiddly tricks on flatland Rate: Tony Luckhurst, Curtis, Rudy Johnson Music: Fully — Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul Food: Yeah! Taco Bell! Rad! Favourite skate video: At the moment the H Street bootleg Plans: If a sponsor comes, it comes, but I’m not really bothered about that at the moment. Just skate as much as possible, finish school and then hopefully skating will play an even bigger part in my life. Travel: The first comp I went to in Scotland, I came fourth and that was OK. Hopefully I’m going to the Eindhoven contest and I do want to travel so much. It’s fun, meeting all the new people. It’s one of the bits about skating that I enjoy the most. Why’s skating important to you: The satisfaction of learning a new trick and making it, and when I’ve done a trick, hearing somebody go “Rad” — that makes me feel good. What could improve skating most for you: A lot of people say there are too many little grommets around, but we were all grommets at one stage… What frustrates me most in skating is not making simple tricks — little tricks that I would be able to do if I was by myself every single go. Last words: If I didn’t mention somebody who I’m really good friends with, I’d just like to say ‘Hello’ and ‘keep on skating’ and also “Hi, Mum and Dad”

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