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Sequences: 180 Ollie to Nose and Frontside Bench Slide to Revert

Skateboard sequences: 180 Ollie to Nose and Frontside Bench Slide to Revert
Simon Evans and Tony Luckhurst at Watlington and South Bank.
At this point we’re still burning real film for sequences. The video fuzziness was yet to come. The challenge of showing the trick was always hard enough — it looks like at this point we’d given up trying to describe them in words!
I think Vernon took the Luckhurst sequence, although he isn’t credited on this page.
Sequences were always a visual compromise. Give me video any day for this kind of thing. But we knew that people were really keen to try to work out how to do new tricks, even if a magazine page would never really help. So we did our best to oblige.


4 responses to “Sequences: 180 Ollie to Nose and Frontside Bench Slide to Revert”

  1. On a similar note, the lipslide sequence made my friends and i really get inspired at our local bench spot trying all sorts of full length slides rather than scratching the ends!

  2. Sequences were everything to us local skaters….I agree the delivery of a sequence is not exactly the silver bullet for learning a new trick but sequences worked on a different level; they kept us stoked with skating.

    As Chas One and Quiet Corners point out, sequences gave us the fire to try that trick (ideally at the same location as the sequence) and somehow believe we were Simon Evans or Tony L for the day (sad but true!!).

  3. I remember how some friends at school used to take content from RaD and repackage into their A5 sized Trash Zine. Of course the sequences were in there, becoming How2s. I can remember one How2 authoritatively pointing out the “tuck knees” during a handplant when I think none of us had ever even dropped in to a half pipe.

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